Danube Tower in Vienna is a towering marvel not only offers panoramic views of the city but also hosts a unique dining experience that elevates every visit to unforgettable heights. With its historical roots embedded deeply in Austrian culture, the tower has evolved into a symbol of innovation and tradition.

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Brief History of Danube Tower in Vienna

In the vibrant tapestry of the sixties, a period marked by social upheaval, groundbreaking advancements in technology, and a fervent exploration of the arts and architecture, there emerged an ethos of optimism that seemed limitless in its naivety. This era was a crucible of innovation, where the economic boom and new technological marvels fueled a widespread belief in a utopian future.

Amidst this backdrop, 1964 witnessed the rise of the Danube Tower, an emblem of pride and a beacon of progress, conceived during the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG). This event breathed new life into a once desolate riverside tract, metamorphosing it into the expansive, inviting Danube Park, now graced by the towering silhouette of this new monument.

The Construction of the Danube Tower in Vienna
The Construction of the Danube Tower in Vienna | Source: donauturm.at

From its inception, the Danube Tower stood as the heart and compass for those venturing to the WIG, offering not just breathtaking vistas but a novel vantage point from which to gaze upon Vienna's splendor. The tower's restaurant, perched at a dizzying height of 170 meters and gently rotating, was hailed as a marvel of its time.

The architectural vision behind this iconic structure was spearheaded by Vienna's own Prof. Hannes Lintl. His design drew inspiration from the archetype of television towers dotting various global cities, like Stuttgart and Toronto, yet the essence of the Danube Tower was always to serve as a vantage point, a haven for leisure and merriment. The construction, spanning from October 1962 to April 1964, consumed 3,750 m3 of concrete and 514 tons of steel reinforcement. The grand unveiling, officiated by Vienna's Mayor Franz Jonas on April 16, 1964, marked the culmination of nearly two years of relentless effort and ingenuity.



The View from Above: What to Expect

The Danube Tower in Vienna stands as a remarkable beacon, offering an unparalleled vantage point from which to observe the sprawling urban landscape and beyond. Situated at an impressive height of 150 meters, this viewing platform is more than just a tourist attraction; it's a tranquil retreat far above the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors are treated to a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view that stretches out over the city, providing a serene escape where the panoramic vistas of Vienna and its surroundings unfold in a majestic display.

From this elevated perch, the Danube Tower reveals Vienna in all its glory. On days graced with clear skies, the view extends up to 80 kilometers, encompassing the picturesque landscapes of the Rax, Schneeberg, and even the distant city of Bratislava. This unparalleled perspective makes the Danube Tower in Vienna not only a must-visit landmark for tourists but also an ideal starting point for anyone looking to familiarize themselves with the city. It offers a unique orientation that can help shape the rest of one's stay in Vienna, providing insights and inspirations on where to explore next.

The View from Above
The View from Above | Source: donauturm.at

Moreover, the Danube Tower is equipped to enchant its visitors regardless of the weather. A glazed indoor terrace ensures that the breathtaking views can be enjoyed all year round, unaffected by the whims of the weather. For those wishing to linger a while longer and perhaps contemplate the beauty of Vienna from above, the tower houses eateries such as the Turmcafe and the Turm Restaurant on its upper levels. Here, guests can indulge in culinary delights while the city's panorama spreads out beneath them, making every meal an unforgettable experience. Whether basking in the sunlight or marveling at the city lights after dusk, the Danube Tower in Vienna offers a unique blend of relaxation, awe, and culinary pleasure, standing as a testament to the city's beauty and the wonders of human ingenuity.

The Tower Slide on the side of Danube Tower in Vienna

The Danube Tower in Vienna has long been a beacon for those seeking breathtaking views of Austria's capital. But now, it offers something even more exhilarating for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike. On 3 October 2023, Europe's highest slide was unveiled at this iconic structure, marking a new chapter in the tower's storied history. The installation, executed through a spectacular helicopter operation, not only adds a thrilling attraction but also gives the Danube Tower in Vienna a new, temporary silhouette that has captivated both locals and tourists.

The Tower Slide
The Tower Slide | Source: donauturm.at

Imagine gliding down from a staggering height of 165 meters on a 40-meter long track, reaching speeds of up to 18 km/h in just 7-9 seconds. This unique experience allows visitors to soar to the viewing level at 150 meters, offering an adrenaline-pumping journey coupled with unparalleled views of the city. The Danube Tower slide is designed to provide thrills and fun for both young and old, ensuring that everyone can enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Climbing aboard the slide at the Danube Tower in Vienna is more than just an amusement; it's an unforgettable adventure that offers a new perspective on the city. As you prepare for the descent, the anticipation builds until the moment you're released onto the track, where the cityscape rushes by in a blur of color and light. The addition of this slide to the Danube Tower's attractions has not only enhanced its appeal as a tourist destination but has also reinforced its status as a must-visit landmark in Vienna. Whether you're a local looking for a unique weekend activity or a traveler seeking an unforgettable experience, the Danube Tower in Vienna awaits with thrills, excitement, and a view like no other.

The Danube Tower in Austria stands at 252 meters tall, boasting observation terraces at 155 and 150 meters, with a diameter that starts at 12 meters at ground level, tapering down to 6 meters at 160 meters, and rests upon a foundation weighing 17,600 tons, featuring a depth of 8 meters and a diameter of 31 meters.

The Culinary Experience: Dining at the highest level at 170 m

The Danube Tower in Vienna, a remarkable landmark that soars into the sky, offers a dining experience like no other. Nestled at a staggering height of 170 meters above the city, the Turm Restaurant within this iconic tower rotates slowly, granting diners a mesmerizing 360° panoramic view of Vienna. Far removed from the city's hustle and bustle, guests can indulge in a serene and breathtaking atmosphere, where the beauty of Austria's capital unfolds in a continuous, ever-changing vista.

The Culinary Experience of the Danube Tower in Vienna
The Culinary Experience of the Danube Tower in Vienna | Source: donauturm.at

The culinary journey at the Danube Tower in Vienna is a homage to boundless pleasure and diversity. Drawing on the rich tapestry of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's culinary heritage, the menu is a vibrant mosaic of flavors and recipes brought to Vienna by immigrants from Hungary, Moravia, Bohemia, and beyond. Over decades, these influences have melded together, crafting a unique and irresistible variety that is both a tribute to tradition and a nod to the modern palate.

At the heart of the Danube Tower's gastronomic philosophy is the art of indulgence—a commitment to reimagining centuries-old traditions with a modern twist. The kitchen team, fueled by finesse and passion, carefully selects products from the vicinity of the tower, ensuring that each dish not only pays homage to the region's culinary heritage but also celebrates contemporary tastes and seasonal specialties. Whether it's a dish steeped in history or a modern culinary delight, dining at the Danube Tower is an invitation to embark on a flavorful journey that seamlessly blends the old with the new, all while surrounded by Vienna's stunning landscape.



Events and Celebrations at Danube Tower

Celebrating a special occasion demands a setting that's both extraordinary and memorable. The Danube Tower in Vienna offers just that, with its romantic packages designed to elevate any reservation into a moment of unparalleled beauty and intimacy. Imagine dining at one of the most exquisite tables, placed directly by the window, where the panoramic views of the city unfold beneath you.

The Danube Tower in Vienna curates these experiences with meticulous care, offering romance packages that vary in size—from a single rose to an impressive bouquet of sixteen, accompanied by either two glasses or a whole bottle of non-alcoholic tower sparkling wine. This attention to detail ensures that every moment spent in the tower is imbued with a sense of luxury and personal touch.

Events in the Danube Tower in Vienna
Events in the Danube Tower in Vienna | Source: donauturm.at

If you're in search of an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday, look no further than the Danube Tower in Vienna. Here, birthdays are not just celebrated; they are transformed into spectacular events that leave lasting impressions. The opportunity to enjoy the city's skyline from such an exclusive vantage point adds a layer of magic to the celebration, making it truly unique.

For those considering a more personalized gift, a cake offers a delightful alternative. Not only does it provide a treat to be savored, but it also fosters a sense of togetherness and strengthens social bonds as it's shared among loved ones.

To ensure that your event is nothing short of perfect, the Danube Tower's event team stands ready to offer a personal tour, engage in a detailed discussion to plan your celebration, and provide an individualized offer that meets your specific needs. Complementing the exquisite setting is the tower's in-house catering service, which offers a vast selection of regional dishes. This culinary expertise ensures that your event at the Danube Tower in Vienna is not only a feast for the eyes but also a delight for the palate, setting the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

Comparing Danube Tower to Other World Towers

The Danube Tower in Vienna, known locally as Donauturm, stands as a monumental example of mid-20th-century architecture, offering a unique perspective on tower construction compared to other world-renowned towers. Erected in 1964, the Danube Tower serves not only as a telecommunications tower but also as a tourist attraction, featuring an observation deck and rotating restaurants that provide panoramic views of Vienna. Its sleek, minimalist design reflects the modernist architectural trends of its time, distinguishing it from the ornate and historical designs of earlier structures.

The tower is the 67th tallest tower in the world. Comparing the Danube Tower to other world towers, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, highlights significant differences in design philosophy, purpose, and technological achievements. The Eiffel Tower, completed in 1889, was a marvel of its era, showcasing the potential of iron and symbolizing the industrial age.

Meanwhile, the Burj Khalifa, completed in 2010, represents the pinnacle of contemporary engineering and architectural ambition, standing as the world's tallest building. Unlike these structures, the Danube Tower in Vienna was not designed to break records or serve as a monument to technological advancement but to blend functionality with the aesthetic appeal, offering a space for communication, dining, and observation within a single structure.

Skyline of Vienna with the Danube Tower
Skyline of Vienna with the Danube Tower | Source: donauturm.at

Moreover, when considering the role of these towers in their respective cities, the Danube Tower plays a crucial part in defining the skyline of Vienna, much like how the CN Tower contributes to Toronto's cityscape. However, the Danube Tower's impact is more subtle compared to the dominating presence of skyscrapers in cities like Dubai or New York. It reflects Vienna's blend of historical beauty and modern innovation, embodying a city that respects its past while looking forward to the future.

Conclusion: Why Danube Tower is a Must-Visit

The Danube Tower, standing as a majestic landmark in the heart of Vienna, offers a unique blend of architectural brilliance, historical significance, and breathtaking views that make it a must-visit destination. Its towering presence not only dominates the city's skyline but also provides visitors with an unparalleled vantage point to gaze upon the sprawling urban landscape and the winding Danube River.

The tower's observation decks and revolving restaurant offer a one-of-a-kind experience, where guests can enjoy panoramic views while savoring exquisite cuisine. Furthermore, its rich history and role in Vienna's development add layers of cultural depth, making it not just an architectural marvel but also a testament to the city's evolving narrative. Whether you're an avid history enthusiast, an architecture aficionado, or simply in search of stunning views, the Danube Tower presents a compelling case for inclusion in any Vienna itinerary.

Insider Tips for Visitors

To secure a table reservation in the restaurant, a main course per guest is required. For gatherings of 13 or more, the flexibility of choosing from the à la carte menu is replaced by the necessity of pre-selecting a set menu from our Event Offers. Should your party number 6 or more, and you meet the dining criteria, you're invited to bring your own celebratory cake. However, for parties smaller than 6, a fork fee of €10 will be applied. Please note, your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of written confirmation, during which process we will request and authorize your credit card details. For more information, please review our reservation policy.

To secure your visit, a reservation is a must. Upon arrival, the transaction for your entry and elevator pass will be conducted at the reception area, whereas any dining experiences at the Turm Restaurant will be settled separately. A creditcard is required for  your table reservation.

Free entry to the Danube Tower with Vienna Pass.

Opening hours of the terrasse and the slide

Terrasse: Monday until Sunday
10.00 until 22.30 h
Last Ascent 21.45 h
Last Descent 22.15 h

Slide: Monday until Sunday
11.00 until 21.00 h
Last slide 21.00 h



FAQs about Danube Tower in Vienna

How do I make a reservation for dining at the Danube Tower?
To make a reservation for dining at the Danube Tower, you can visit the official Danube Tower website or call their reservation hotline. The website offers an online booking system where you can select the date, time, and number of guests for your reservation. It's advisable to make your reservation well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during peak times or for special occasions.

What are the best times to visit for the view?
The best times to visit the Danube Tower for the view are during the early morning or late afternoon hours. Morning visits offer a serene view of Vienna as the city wakes up, while late afternoon and early evening visits provide stunning sunset views. Additionally, visiting on a clear day will maximize the panoramic views of Vienna and its surroundings.

Can the Danube Tower accommodate private events?
Yes, the Danube Tower can accommodate private events, including weddings, corporate events, and parties. The tower offers various spaces and packages tailored to different event types and sizes. For more information on hosting a private event at the Danube Tower, you can contact their events team through the official website or by phone.

Are there any special packages for tourists?
The Danube Tower offers special packages for tourists, which may include combined tickets for the observation deck and dining experiences, as well as partnerships with other tourist attractions in Vienna for bundled offers. These packages are designed to provide visitors with a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. For the most current offers and packages, check the Danube Tower's official website.

What sustainability efforts are in place at the Danube Tower?
The Danube Tower is committed to sustainability through various initiatives, including energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems, waste reduction programs, and the use of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients in its restaurants. The tower continually seeks to improve its environmental footprint and implement sustainable practices in its operations.

How accessible is the Danube Tower for visitors with disabilities?
The Danube Tower is accessible for visitors with disabilities. It features wheelchair-accessible entrances, elevators, and restrooms. Additionally, there are designated parking spaces available for visitors with disabilities. The tower staff is also trained to assist visitors with special needs to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. For specific accessibility requests or questions, it is recommended to contact the Danube Tower directly before your visit.



Site location: Donauturmplatz 1, 1220 Wien

GPS coordinates: 48.240464, 16.409501

Google Photos: Click here


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